5 stage under sink personal water filter Ro purifier

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    • Type:Reverse Osmosis
    • Use:Under Sink

    Key Features

    Product Description

    ROQ 3815 H 5 Stage Under Sink Personal Water Filter RO Purifier

    1. To remove particles, residual chlorine from water and odor. 

    2. Remove up to 97% of bacteria and viruses from water

    3. Booster pump with transformer 110V or 220V

    4. Pressure gauge is optional

    5. Installation Location: Under Sink

    6. Water Output Method: Water Drinking Faucet

    7. Water Temperature: 5~60°C

    8. Dimension(excl.Tank):475*355*460(MM)

    9. Weight(excl.Tank): 11.4KGS

    Products Features

    1. With NSF certified RO membrane 

    2. With NSF certified lead-free faucet 

    3. Quick-change type cartridges; change filters without any tools

    View the video:https://youtu.be/XtLAOjQA8U4

    Company website:https://www.easywellwater.com/


    Cartridge Type

    1st Stage

    PP Sediment 5 micron

    2nd Stage

    Coconut granular activated carbon

    3rd Stage

    PP Sediment 1 micron or carbon block

    4th Stage

    NSF certified 50GPD membrane

    5th Stage

    10” In-line post coconut carbon


    ALYA Brand Spirit

    5 stage under sink personal water filter Ro purifier

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    5 stage under sink personal water filter Ro purifier

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    5 stage under sink personal water filter Ro purifier

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    5 stage under sink personal water filter Ro purifier

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    5 stage under sink personal water filter Ro purifier


    Is this system can be used for underground water?

    Yes, you can use this system for underground water

    What is the quantity for 20ft container?

    350pcs per 20ft container

    What is your delivery date?

    Delivery date is 30days after confirmation.

    How to solve trouble shotting of RO

    If your RO reverse osmosis water machine is within guarantee period, then there are any problems, you should be able to get free service, but if it is out of guarantee period, then you can save some maintenance charges, you can give it a try as following trouble shooting methods.

    Q:The machine stops running, there is still water flows out from water tubes.
    A:/Water inlet of solenoid valves are blocked, they can't shut off water inlet.
    Counter measures1:Check if raw water is shut on, if power is plugged in ?

    Counter measures2:Take apart it for maintenance or replacement.

    Q:Motor would not start, cannot produce water.
    A:/1. Is power supply plugged in?  Is there power supplied?
    Counter measures:Plug in the power supply.

    A:/2. Low water supply pressure, low-pressure protection switch cuts off the electricity for protection.
    Counter measures:Check water supply to see if there is sufficient water.

    Q:The water source has cut off, the booster pump still operating.
    A:/1.  The nuts under the gooseneck faucet are not tightened.
    Counter measures:Locks the nut.

    A:/2. When connect the gooseneck faucet, the insert doesn't be put into PE tube.
    Counter measures:Put into the insert to lock again.

    A:/3. Pipeline leaking.
    Counter measures:Discovers the water leakage place to eliminate the defects.

    A:/4. The check valve of the membrane housing losses efficiency.
    Counter measures:Replace the membrane housing.

    Q:Water leaking for booster pump.
    A:/1. All filter cartridge between first to third stage are plugged. This leads to pump with no water and runs empty and is damaged.
    A:/2. Aging motor internal separation membrane losses elasticity, or water scale blockage.
    A:/3. Large molecule limiter blocked, water cannot pass through.
    Counter measures:Please contact technicians or distributor.

    Q:Pump operation normally, but cannot produce water.
    A:/1. RO membrane blocked by calcium compounds.
    Counter measures:Replace RO membrane.

    A:/2. Motor losses pressure, operation but no feeding pressure.
    Counter measures:Check if raw water is opened.

    A:/3. Water inlet of solenoid valves were broken , without water inlet.
    Counter measures:Please contact technicians or distributor.

    A:/4. Piping leak.
    Counter measures:Clean water leaks inside the machine.

    Q:The water production rate reduces, and water flow decreases.
    A:/1. RO membrane blockage.
    Counter measures:Replace RO membrane.

    A:/2. AIC-10 post in-line GAC cartridge is blocked.
    Counter measures:Replace AIC-10 post in-line GAC cartridge.

    A:/3. Pump pressure does not reach standard.
    Counter measures:Please contact technicians or distributor.

    A:/4. The pressure of Ro tank is not enough.
    Counter measures:Add 7 psi unit of air pressure into ro tank.

    Q:Solenoid valve operate continuously.
    A:/Insufficient pressure for water inlet.
    Counter measures:Please contact technicians or distributor.

    Q:Odor in water
    A:/1. Activated carbon filter element loss efficiency.
    Counter measures:Replace activated carbon filter element.

    A:/2. Membrane breaks or losses efficiency.
    Counter measures:Replace RO membrane.

    If the situation is not improved , please contact distributor.

    Q:Pure water TDS (total dissolve solid) increases.
    A:/1. Membrane losses efficiency.
    Counter measures:Replace RO membrane.

    A:/2. The housing or inside part of Ro membrane got broken.
    Counter measures:Replace RO membrane or contact distributor.

    Q:Difficultly remove the PE tube from fitting.
    A:/Internal pressure of tube become condensed.
    Counter measures:Cut off water source and discharge the water on the tube and release.

    Q:Gooseneck faucet drip water
    A:/Ceramic sheet in the ceramic center plug eroded.
    Counter measures:Replace gooseneck faucet.

    Article written from Rodger Lin, Alya Water