Taiwan FF 5601 Kitchen Appliance Machine Price Tap Water Purifier

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ALYA Brand Spirit

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Product Description

Standard Equipment :

*Cartridge : GAC

* Adapter: 

1. Internal adapter AD-1C 15/16’’-27 X55/64-27 (H: 8mm)

2. External adapter : ETA-02

Specification of Hollow Fiber (NSF):

*Filtration hole: 0.01~0.1 micron

*Operation pressure: ≦ 50PSI

* Temperature : ≦ 40℃

Products Features

1. All food grade material including media & vessel.

2. Media can be customer-made.

3. Quick change filter, changes in second without tool.

4. Remove residue chlorine and odor.

5. No water waste.

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How often should I change the filters?

Normally it should be replaced every 2 month but it still depends on how often you use it.

If the water flow becomes smaller, it means you should replace a new filter.

Is the water safe for consumption?

No, the water needs boiled before consumption.

What is the lead time of order?

Around 30 days after receiving your confirmed order and remittance.

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